V. Peart

English/Social Studies, Gr. 6 Homeroom B.A. (Honours) – McMaster University B.Ed. – Strathclyde University, Scotland Mrs. V. Peart: “I have been teaching at PCA for 19 years. It has become a second home for me. My PCA family continues to be there for me through the joys and the sorrows of life. It is a…

G. Lee, Gill Lee

G. Lee

Math, Science, Gr. 7 Homeroom B.Sc. – University of Toronto B. of Ch. Ed. – Redeemer University M.Sc. – Canisus College Mr. G. Lee: “Teaching at PCA gives me opportunities to encourage students to see the Lord as master of all areas of their lives, present and future.  They need to be diligent in all…

J. Craig, Jonathan Craig

J. Craig

Music (Instrumental)/ English/ Social Studies B. Music – University of Toronto M. Music – University of Southern California B. Ed. – York University Mr. J. Craig: “In 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach reminded his students at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, that “the final aim of all music should be none other than the glory of…