J. Lee, Jennifer Lee

J. Lee

Middle School Vice Principal / Guidance Counsellor B.A. (Honours), B.Ed. – York University Mrs. J. Lee: “I love that PCA exists to educate the whole person—body, mind and spirit with equal emphasis and excellence. There is a wonderful rapport of genuine respect and care shared between teachers and students. We are a tight-knit community with…

Jocelyn Paas

J. Paas

Senior School Vice-Principal Biology/Environmental Science B.Sc., M.Ed. – Michigan State University President-Elect, Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) Adjunct Professor – Tyndale University College Mrs. J. Paas: “There was a distinct point early on in my career teaching at PCA when working here ceased to be my job and became my passion. It is a…

D. Westacott, Dean Westacott

D. Westacott

Mathematics, Social Science B.Sc., B.Ed.  – University of Toronto M.Div. – Tyndale University Mr. D. Westacott: “It is true that I absolutely love Mathematics, but my life-long passion is sharing life together with teens!  PCA is a wonderful place to encourage, equip and empower teens as they pursue their future and the call of God…

V. Aspinall, Valeria Aspinall

V. Aspinall

Physical Education, Gr. 6 Homeroom B.Sc., B.Ed. – University of Toronto M. Arts – Providence University (PCA Alumna) Mrs. V. Aspinall: “Teaching at PCA is important to me because it’s my home. I graduated from PCA and returned as a teacher to continue to be a part of the PCA family. The students are eager…


E. Flach

Visual Arts B.A., B.Ed. – University of Toronto Ms. E. Flach: “Teaching at PCA is a joy to my heart. First of all because I find pleasure in inspiring students with creative ideas and teaching them artistic skills, which result in many beautiful pieces of art being produced. Most importantly, I love having the freedom…


E. Philip

Bible B.A. (Honours), B.Ed. – Queens University Master of Theology – Tyndale University Mrs. E. Philip: “Working at PCA is so important to me, because the lives of our young people are so precious and the task of raising Godly children in today’s society is increasingly daunting.  Most children will spend more waking hours a…


V. Peart

English/Social Studies, Gr. 6 Homeroom B.A. (Honours) – McMaster University B.Ed. – Strathclyde University, Scotland Mrs. V. Peart: “I have been teaching at PCA for 19 years. It has become a second home for me. My PCA family continues to be there for me through the joys and the sorrows of life. It is a…

G. Lee, Gill Lee

G. Lee

Math, Science, Gr. 7 Homeroom B.Sc. – University of Toronto B. of Ch. Ed. – Redeemer University M.Sc. – Canisus College Mr. G. Lee: “Teaching at PCA gives me opportunities to encourage students to see the Lord as master of all areas of their lives, present and future.  They need to be diligent in all…

J. Craig, Jonathan Craig

J. Craig

Music (Instrumental)/ English/ Social Studies B. Music – University of Toronto M. Music – University of Southern California B. Ed. – York University Mr. J. Craig: “In 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach reminded his students at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, that “the final aim of all music should be none other than the glory of…


H. Lee

French (JK-Gr. 5) B.F.A., B.Ed. – York University Miss H. Lee: “The staff that I work with daily at PCA are not only effective teachers, but are also genuine people with strong values. It is my joy and privilege to be part of a staff team that is dedicated to helping students see their own…