Final Sandwich Run for Middle School Beyond Us Mission Team (2014-15)

Praise God.  The Middle School Beyond Us Mission Team had our last Sandwich Run.  It was so wonderful.  The weather was beautiful when it was supposed to rain. Perhaps it was because they were more experienced.  Perhaps it was because of nudges from the Holy Spirit.  Our students were more confident in starting conversations, more…


The University of Waterloo Gauss Mathematics Contest

All of the Grade 7 and 8 students of PCA wrote the University of Waterloo Gauss Mathematics Contest. The statistics for this contest vary slightly each year, but in 2014 it was written by close to 70,000 students across Canada and abroad. PCA did very well. In Gr. 7, our top 6 students were Evan…


The Harlem Globetrotters at PCA – Videos and Photos

“The Harlem Globetrotters came to PCA to teach us about bullying.  The two representatives that came were Sweet J and Buckets.  They told us about the ABC’s of bullying, which are Action, Bravery and Compassion.  Sweet J shared about how she had been bullied personally and also taught us what to do when we experience…


Awesome Art Experiences at PCA!!

PCA’s desire for student excellence in all subjects was on display in our Art Department recently. The level of expertise and professionalism of Mr. Luxemburger and Ms. Bartlett displayed was incredible! On March 26th, PCA welcomed Mr. Les Luxemburger BES, MES, Visual Art Cert. (Sheridan) from the Fred Varley Art Gallery in Unionville. Mr. Luxemburger…


Middle School Science Fair Team 2015

On April 9th and 10th, 6 of PCA’s Grade 7 and 8 students had the opportunity of going to Redeemer University College, West of the GTA, to participate in their Science Fair. There were 55 schools and 250 projects. It was a nerve-wracking, but fun experience. We prayed for guidance as we were interviewed about…


ACSI Public Speaking Competition

Some of the students from Junior School and Middle School participated in the ACSI Public Speaking Competition yesterday (Mar 5, 2015).  We are very proud of our Speech Meet participants! Many of them for the first time enjoyed their experience and wish to attend again next year.  Thank you Mrs. Eyre for leading the team. Here are…


Middle School Inner City Project February 2015

On Tuesday February 3rd, 26 students and 9 parents from the Middle School Beyond Us Team brought warm clothes and sleeping bags donated by the Junior and Middle School families, and food and Bible verses to share with neighbours who were experiencing homelessness on the streets of downtown Toronto.  It was a very cold evening.  We…


Fit For a King

FIT FOR A KING On Dec 18, PCA Middle and Senior School students put together a Christmas concert to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The concert was well attended.  Groups of students presented a number of favorite Christmas tunes to celebrate and remember our God’s grace.  The highlights of the evening included a…


Middle School Inner City Project

Over 30 students and parents got together Tuesday (Dec 9) to pack sandwiches to bring to downtown Toronto for people who are experiencing homelessness.  This is the second sandwich run Middle School has taken on this year.  This time, our Junior School families contributed a large amount of winter accessories for the mission team to distribute.  The…


Middle School Girls Volleyball Team

On Monday, Nov 24, Middle School Girls Volleyball team participated in the ACSI Girls Volleyball Tournament.  After a full day of games, they took home the third place.  Great job, Eagles.


Middle School Girls Volleyball 5