Welcome home!

Praise the Lord that our mission team members have arrived Toronto safely and reunited with their families!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

Day 10 – Final Day of Youth Retreat!

Today was a great ending to our time with the KC family! Last night, we enjoyed a time of singing and dancing around the campfire, and a time of sharing and prayer with the KC students. This morning, we had a full session of praise, preaching, and prayer. We came to understand more of the…


Day 8 & 9 – Youth Retreat with KC students, friends, and alumni!

Good evening! It’s been a full two-days with the KC family! It’s been a wonderful time of praising God in English and in Telugu, with choreography and dance, and hearing gospel-centered messages from pastors from local churches in India. We have enjoyed deepening our relationships with our KC friends, and meeting alumni and hearing their…


Day 7 – Relaxing, Shopping, and Sightseeing!

Today was a day to unwind from a busy week of English teaching and our Village Day visit, as well as to continue our preparations for the Youth Retreat starting tomorrow morning. We enjoyed some delicious Indian food at a nearby restaurant for lunch, and had a time of shopping, both in an indoor mall and at…


Day 6 – Village Day!

Wow, what a day, friends! We were so blessed to go to one of the villages that KC partners with to interact with the children and praise God with the church there! We got picked up from our hotel in the morning by a forty-seater bus, and went to KC to have breakfast. Then all…


Day 5 – Last Day of English Camp!

Today was a wonderful ending to our spoken English camp! We had the privilege of sharing our sketchboard evangelism paintboard with our KC friends, on top of the singing, devotional sharing, English teaching, and Telugu learning. We also had a wonderful time learning to sing Telugu praise songs and playing large group games. Our fellowship…


Day 4 – Getting to Know India!

Today was another day filled with joy as we shared in fellowship with our KC friends. There was singing, testimony sharing, devotional sharing, English teaching, and tea time with KC staff and students. The KC students taught us some of their action songs today, and they enjoyed learning some of our songs as well. After…


Day 3 – PCA & KC – A Partnership in the Making!

Today as we continued with our second day of English Camp, we noticed how truly, being brothers and sisters in Him connects us and binds us in love and care for one another as we work together to serve His Kingdom. Conversational English classes went well and not only did we learn more of the…


Day 2 – First Day of Spoken English Camp!

Last night, the KC staff and students gave us a wonderful welcome ceremony, showering us with singing, food, welcome gifts, and an encouraging message. We were delighted to meet all the staff and students, and could see how much they had been waiting to meet us also! This morning, we began our first day of…